Thoughts On The Deception Of The Mind

Despite all things being equal, the mind is an easily deceived entity. No matter if you call it hearing things, seeing things or even smelling, feeling or tasting things that are not there, it truly is a deception of the mind.

Crossed Wires is another euphemism that is used when we look at one thing and our mind says it’s something else. Feelings such as love and jealousy are famous for causing our minds to jump to conclusions that are simply not true. They are also main reasons for seeing one side of an issue over another despite knowing the facts.

As a closer, I look back on a lot of things and wonder just how easily I was deceived, and do not look forward to finding out how to prevent it from happening again.

Just setting things up so I can add all the rants and ramblings that My mind comes up with. Maybe even some that others come up with. We’ll see how it goes.